Warning! On this segment of the Clixsense Tutorial-Earn Massive Income Online, we will talk about the NOT-SO-LEGAL ways to make your Clixsense experience better! These ways that I am referring to include ways that I certainly have tried using to make it easier for me to earn money through Clixsense. Enough with the discussion let us get this into action.

Use Clixsense Autobot Clicker or Clixsense Auto Clicker

A scripting language is required to perform this. When we say script, it is a programming language that supports and facilitates the writing of scripts or programs being written for software that will automate the execution of “tasks” which can be executed alternatively by a human operator.


1. Install Greasemonkey by Firefox. 
To Learn How To Install Greasemonkey CLICK HERE

**Greasemonkey is an extension of Mozilla Firefox. Therefore, you have to have Mozilla installed first for you to be able to use this. Most userscripts are written for Firefox & Greasemonkey (although some work in Opera, Safari and even Internet Explorer). Userscripts only run via Greasemonkey.

2. Go to and type ClixSense on the search box or simply CLICK HERE
3. Download the scripts highlighted below. 
To Learn How to Download Script, CLICK HERE
download scripts

4. Log in to your Clixsense Account, click ONE (1) Advertisement and let the auto-clicker do its job!

**Disclaimer: Cheating is not tolerated in Clixsense, you need to be extra careful in using these scripts, and please do not blame me if you get banned :P


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