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Clixsense in its very own basic definition is one of the longest-running, most authentic, and most reliable Paid-to-Click (PTC Advertising) websites online. Clixsense has been founded last February 2007, and currently, they have already paid over $2,146,478.42 to their 1,961,847 members on time every time! On the other hand, they also have delivered over  422,378,967 views to their advertisers' websites! 

What is Paid-To-Click (PTC) Advertising?

Clixsense Tutorials

Paid-To-Click Advertising is one of the cheapest way for Advertisers to promote their products or services online. It is also used by website/blogger owners to increase the number of visitors or increase the traffic of their website so that search engines can easily find their website or blog, and in return, they will be able to sell more of their products ore services. 

On the other hand, as a member of a Paid-To-Click Advertising website, you earn by viewing the advertisements shown by the promoters. You can earn $0.001 to as high as $0.01 per advertisement that you view, depending on the length of time that you need to wait before you are allowed  to close the ads. The longer the time required to view the ad, the bigger amount of money you get, and vice versa.

There are thousands of Paid-To-Click Advertising websites but not all of them are legitimate, a lot, yes a lot! of PTCs are just useless scams, and if you are not keen enough investigate, you may be wasting a lot of your time, money and energy for nothing!
Clixsense Tutorials



There has been a lot of PTC or Paid-To-Click Websites out there, but for all website review, critics and evaluation, Clixsense has always been the top of them all. Do you want to know the main reasons why Clixsense has been considered the best PTC? It is because:

Clixsense Tutorials
1. Clixsense does not set any limitations to the number of advertisement you can click everyday.

2. Clixsense does not set any limitations to the number of direct downlines you may have.They do not care if you can invite thousands of direct referrals. The more you invite, the happier they are.

3 Clixsense does not set any limitations to the number of indirect downlines you may have.Yes, same goes through with the indirect referrals, your direct referrals can have as many indirect referrals until they get satisfied with their income.

4. Clixsense does not make you to hang on or simply wait to do particular things like recommending it to others. If you want to refer, then do it. If not, it's fine.

Clixsense Tutorials

5. Clixsense is the most trusted business provider since February 2007. They have received tons of compliments, and a little or no undesirable reports or complaints at all.

Clixsense Tutorials
6.Clixsense benefits the advertisers because they have one of the lowest advertising rates in the marketplace

7. Clixsense has the cheapest Upgrade Fee in the entire community of elite  Paid-To-Click advertising companies. This is the reason why a lot of members prefer to Upgrade their Clixsense Account rather than keep it standard.

8.  Clixsense one of the lowest cashout ever! For some Paid-To-Click websites, you need to year for years! yeah, no exaggeration, you need to wait for a very long time before you can cash out your earnings.

9. Clixsense does not have a maximum cashout amount. If you can really earn that much, they will pay for it!

Clixsense Tutorials
10. Clixsense does not have a hierarchical membership degree. Every Premium Member with clixsense are all treated equally! Why would you give more if you really do not have to?

11. Clixsense is using high-priced and superior webmaster script to run the company. This is to make sure that all accounts are secured and protected from hacks or what not.

12. Clixsense is guaranteed to have been custom built by the most spectacular and keen web developers.

13. Clxsense does not make use of a shared web hosting server. They have their own committed servers

14. Clixsense does not cover any privacy protect if you want to check at who possess the domain because they got nothing to hide!

Why is there a need for me to tell you this? It is because there are thousands of Paid to Click and Bux sites emerging online every single day and you basically have to clue to who you are dealing with, and also what their intentions are. On contrary, which Clixsense, you know who they are and you can absolutely trust them. All they want is make this work mutually, they earn and we become successful online as well.


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